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Adam A.

Adam A.

12 Years - Middle School, High School
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Adam A.

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Hello, I am Mr. Arnold and I am excited to work with you! I reside in Michigan and in my free time I love to read, travel, cook, and play music. I believe that learning is something that we do every day and if we have the right tools in our box, we can achieve much. My goal is to help give each student the skills and tools that they need to be independently successful on their own. I also believe in working with the student to understand where they're struggling personally and helping them to bridge the gap toward success. I truly believe that because we are human, we CAN learn, and as we do, our confidence increases. This confidence then helps us to take on new challenges and learning opportunities.

Teaching Specialization

I have 12 years in education, with all of them in middle school grades, Social Studies, History, Communication, Speech, and Theater. I have a History Education Major, a Communication/Speech Minor, and 20+ hours of graduate-level courses for an M.Ed. in Online Instruction. I have taught in very diverse schools, working with all types of students and abilities. My experience as a middle school teacher has taught me how to provide boundaries, set expectations, and be engaging.

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