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Alexandra G.

Alexandra G.

4 Years - Middle School, High School
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Alexandra G.

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As a mathematics educator, my mission is to spread the idea that mathematics is something everyone can do. The goal of my classroom is to instill the belief in students that they can do mathematics, regardless of their previous relationship with math. Coming to high school, students often have preconceived notations that math is hard, or that they are not able to do math for some reason. Through different techniques, I aim to show students that math is for all people and can be applied to our everyday lives. My main goal in the classroom is to support my students and show them that they can do it, that I am here for them, and that math is for everyone. The math classroom should be a place of collaboration, fun, and new learning opportunities.

Teaching Specialization

In my time as an educator, I have explored math with students 6th grade through college. After receiving my BA in Mathematics and NYS 7-12th Math Certification, I went on to complete my MS in Curriculum Development. I have been in education for four years. I have worked with students on all levels of math, including ACT and SAT Prep, and AP and IB courses.

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