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Aunup B.

Aunup B.

10 Years - High School, Middle School
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Aunup B.

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Hello! I'm Aunup Bhattacharyya (feel free to call me Mr. B). I believe that math is less about executing steps and more about knowing what steps to take. I am comfortable teaching all levels, from elementary all the way through high school. Whether you and your student just need a refresher and some practice problems, or if you totally don't understand a concept your local math class is going through, I can definitely help you out. I look forward to working with you.

Teaching Specialization

I've been teaching for 10 years now, both all around the US as well as abroad. I currently teach high school math, working with students of all levels to help improve their mathematical abilities. I have taught every grade range from as low as 4th grade all the way up to 12th, and in addition to my job as a high school math teacher, I work part-time with Johns Hopkins University, helping to prepare both middle and high school students for math competitions.

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