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Bryan B.

Bryan B.

6 Years - Elementary School, Middle School, High School
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Bryan B.

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Hello there! My name is Bryan Beaulieu! I live in the middle of the country right next to Mount Rushmore (you know the one with faces of the presidents). My interests away from school are hunting, fishing, the gym, and traveling. I find myself doing something different each season. In the spring it's all about walleye fishing. In the summer I usually travel to Alaska and I love the fourth of July. In the fall I love watching football and going to haunted houses. In the winter I love going ice fishing. I decided to become a teacher so I could hopefully influence my students in a positive way like my best teachers always did for me. My goal is to show my students that science, math, and english can be fun and interesting and to make sure each student that I tutor walks away with valuable information they did not have before. In my sessions you can expect to learn content but you can also expect me to learn about you. It's important to cover the content but also to know my students!

Teaching Specialization

I have been a teacher for 6 years now. 5 in a traditional classroom and 1 in the virtual setting. I have experiencing teaching earth science, life science, and physical science at the middle school level grades 6-8. I have experience teaching biology, physical science, earth science, and chemistry at the high school level 9-12. I have recently branched out into tutoring math and language arts/english as well.

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