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Claibourne P.

Claibourne P.

20 Years - Middle School, High School
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Claibourne P.

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I am an educator with a passion for utilizing technology to enhance learning experiences. With twenty years of experience in the field of education, I focus on mentoring and fostering a love for education and learning. I will complete my Masters in Educational Technology, in December 2023, which gives me an understanding of how technology can be integrated into the classroom to create engaging and interactive learning environments. I hold Florida Education Certifications in English, Business, and Media. This diverse range of certifications allows me to teach across various subject areas. My family and I love Walt Disney World and I try to encourage my students to dream beyond themselves and try something new every day. I believe the choices we make develop us into the person we will become. My motto is "Your direction determines your destination"!

Teaching Specialization

With over twenty years of experience in education background teaching various subjects. I currently teach English 2 Honors, that focus on literature, and research-based projects. I have previously taught subjects such as Business Entrepreneurship, Graphic Arts, and Digital Video Production,

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