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Donna C.

Donna C.

15 Years - Elementary School
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Donna C.

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Hello, I'm Mrs. C! Thanks for considering me to be your tutor. I'm a proud mom of two grown children who loves to be outdoors with my Siberian Husky when I'm not online tutoring. I've loved helping children learn since I was a child myself; empowering students to reach their true potential and develop a love of reading. Educators do their best to help students learn in their own unique way. I focus on the Theory of Multiple Intelligences and Bloom's Taxonomy to do that. I'm a simple-minded person looking at specific goals/outcomes for my students and create a path to get there in the most effective, meaningful way during the time we have together. I believe in nurturing environments that build confidence and self-esteem. All students can and will learn as long as they have the will and desire to do so. Perseverance, trust, drive, determination and positivity are just some of the ways we get there together!

Teaching Specialization

I have been a full time Online Teacher/Tutor for the past four years. Previously, I was a classroom teacher (Grades 3/4) teaching all subjects for seven years. My passion and specialization is in Executive Functions, study skills, ADHD/IEPs/504s/SLDs. My certifications are Elementary Education (Grades K-6), Teacher of Supplemental Instruction in Reading & Math (Grades K-8). I have a Master's degree in Teaching (Grades K-8) and I also supervise/mentor Student Teachers.

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