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Jenna W.

Jenna W.

5 Years - Elementary School
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Jenna W.

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Hello, I am Ms. Wilson. Online learning is my favorite way to teach especially after the covid pandemic! I am very tech savvy and I love for my students to experience meaningful learning thru technology. My philosophy of education is all about FUN. If we cannot get our work done and have some FUN at the same time, then there is something wrong. With fun engaging lessons, students will become lifelong learners that love learning. Outside of my professional career, I am an avid reader and museum enthusiast who loves to explore the history of the world through art and literature. I'm a bit of a gamer, but I also enjoy outdoor activities like going for a swim or long walks with my dog. On weekends you can find me at cultural/anime festivals around town, enjoying live music, and trying new foods. And if all else fails there is always teatime. I consider myself an adventurous foodie who loves discovering unexpected flavors while learning more about my surroundings.

Teaching Specialization

My teaching career launched around the time of the covid pandemic. With being a 2014 high school graduate, my associates in science, and my bachelors of interdisciplinary studies at UTD, I took a wide range of academic classes in person and online. I have my certification in ec-6 core subjects and ESL: English as a second language. I have taught in grades kindergarten thru fifth grade for the last five years in the classroom, afterschool tutoring, and at home tutoring.

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