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Kathryn P.

Kathryn P.

12 Years - Middle School, High School
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Kathryn P.

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As a teacher, I believe learning should be fun and engaging for the student. I want to help you achieve your goals-- together we can make them happen! I believe each student has a unique way to learn, and I will work to meet you where you are at and teach in a way that makes sense to you. Some of the best moments in my teaching career include students who have not experienced success in the classroom discover their own confidence that they can achieve goals they never realized. I am here to help you!

Teaching Specialization

I have been teaching HS Social Studies for over 12 years. I've taught World Geography, World History II, US Government, Sociology, but my specialties are US History and AP US History. I am here to help students achieve progress in their goals and to make history fun! History is so much more than a set of dates. I have my Masters in History and work for the Collegeboard each summer grading AP US History exams. So when I say I know what it takes to be successful on an AP Exam, I really know!

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