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Natalie S.

Natalie S.

4 Years - Middle School
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Natalie S.

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Hello! My name is Natalie Shourds and I have been teaching science courses for about 4 years. For hobbies and interests, I like to spend time with my dog and cat, as well as my family members and friends. I chose to become a tutor because I like helping all students learn new and practice current skills. My motivation for education is to help students grow and thrive in learning. I think the best way for students to learn is to have information broken up and re-explained in another way, as well as educational videos. At the end of sessions, I like to do a quick non-graded quiz that can help students (as well as myself) know what they have mastered as a result of our session together. This also would inform my feedback that I would provide. The main goals that I like to achieve in tutoring is to help students with whatever they may struggle with so that they walk away from our session feeling much better about their academic progress.

Teaching Specialization

I have been in education for about 4 years now and I have taught middle school science for 6th and 8th grades in the state of Florida for 3 years. Then, I switched to online teaching. I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Biological Sciences from the Florida State University, as well as several teaching certifications in Florida, Maryland and Missouri. My background has prepared me to be a great tutor because it has given me knowledge about how students learn and about how to set up lessons.

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