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Nicole M.

Nicole M.

3 Years - Elementary School, Middle School, High School
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Nicole M.

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Hello! I'm so happy you're here! My name is Nicole, and when I'm not working, I enjoy cooking, crafting, traveling, videography, hot yoga, and spending time with family. I also love being outdoors with my golden retriever, June. After providing tutoring for the 2022–2023 school year, I saw major improvements in the students who attended tutoring versus the ones who did not. With so many distractions in today's high-tech world, I believe tutoring is a great way to slow down with students and help them to better grasp each concept. I believe students learn best when they feel someone is on their team. My teaching style is sincere, guiding, supportive, and empathetic; I aim to make students feel comfortable during lessons and excited about coming. Learning is much more fun (and feels easier) when it's approached in a positive manner. I aim to develop a positive rapport with each student by asking them questions about themselves and giving them time to think when responding to questions.

Teaching Specialization

I obtained a B.S. in Human Development (Oklahoma State University, 2015) & an M.S. in Applied Cognition & Neuroscience (University of Texas at Dallas, 2018). I worked in the neurosurgical field from 2018–2020; my position dissolved due to COVID. I earned my teaching license (Core Subjects 4–8) in 2021, teaching 6th grade math honors to a class size of 90 students. My previous school of employment incorporated full-time inclusion, where 1/4 of my students required modifications or accommodations.

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