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Rachael B.

Rachael B.

10 Years - Elementary School, Middle School, High School
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Rachael B.

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Hi! I'm Ms. Baldwin. I love to play tennis, go hiking, take naps, traveling, spending time with my family & friends (including my golden retriever puppy, Lucy!) & I love learning new things! I'm currently working on learning Spanish! I love education & I fully believe in educating the "whole student". I want to help students meet their goals and help them to reach their full potential! I use differentiation and effective learning strategies to help students meet their goals. I believe in providing meaningful feedback after each section. I believe in patience, kindness and looking at things from a different perspective to make sure learning sticks and can be built upon. I hope to help students reach their full potential. Critical thinking skills and creativity are vital for all students. I am committed to academic excellence!

Teaching Specialization

I have 10 years of teaching experience and 5 years of tutoring experience. I have taught English to students in China & I am currently a Stride K12 Teacher (Family Consumer Sciences with Texas College & Career Prep). This experience has given me tools and strategies to be the best tutor for you!

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