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Stephen M.

Stephen M.

15 Years - Middle School, High School
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Stephen M.

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Teaching is a second career for me. I spent 20+ years in the oil industry before moving into education. I view my role as an educator as a facilitator who helps students find answers on their own. I try to avoid giving students the answer to a problem. I believe it's much more beneficial to the student if they are able to find the answer themselves with some amount of help from me. I try to use my experience in the corporate world to help students see the real world applications of the material they are learning.

Teaching Specialization

I have been teaching for 15 years, 5 years in traditional public schools, and 10 years in an online environment. I have a bachelor's and a Master's degree in Geology and started teaching as a second career after spending 20+ years as a petroleum geologist. During my teaching career, I have tutored many students, both in a formal setting (Sylvan Learning Center), and informal settings. I have tutored many students in my neighborhood, largely in math, science (chemistry and physics), and ELA.

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