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Tara L.

Tara L.

20 Years - High School, Middle School
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Tara L.

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My name is Tara LoPresti. I believe each child can learn and he just needs to find what works for him. From all my different experiences, I have learned that there is not one way to learn and understand the sciences. I love to work with students and try many different learning options until we hit the "light blub" moment. When I am not teaching or learning new techniques, I spend time with my dog, Coco and work on puzzles.

Teaching Specialization

I have a degree in Zoology and a masters in teaching. I have been a science teacher and tutor for over 20 years. I have been teaching with Stride/K12 for over 12 years. I I have worked on the public side for over 8 years and Stride Private Academy for the last four years. I have tutored all ages in reading, writing, math, homework support, and test prep. I know that my variety experiences have helped me learn many different techniques to work with students of all ages.

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