Stride Tutoring

Reynaldom J.

10 Years

Elementary School, Middle School, High School

Hi! I'm Reynaldo Montemayor. ¡Hola! También enseño en español. Ciao! Anche parlo l'italiano. I like playing the trumpet and go bike-riding in the park. I like to make tutoring fun and I like to laugh at our mistakes because we learned from them. My tutoring approach is focused, customized and personalized to your learning needs! Tutoring is the ultimate learning safe space to test-run ideas and skills together until we get it right! My goal in tutoring is to help you learn how you learn and to think creatively of ways you can learn better. I have tutored my own daughters and so many different kids; I know together we can also overcome the sadness of struggle to achieve the joy of success!

Teacher Specialization

I taught Philosophy in college for some years. I have Special Education experience. I'm a certified Spanish Bi-lingual teacher for English, Math, Science, and Social Studies from 4th to 8th grade- and, Social Studies up to high school. I'm trilingual: English, Spanish and Italian. I had to learn it to study in Rome, Italy. I've studied ancient Greek and Latin, some Hebrew and French. I've taught Latin in college. I studied Music Education for a couple of years in college and I play the trumpet.

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