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Matthew J.

24 Years

Middle School, High School

Hello, my name is Matt Jung and I am starting my 25th year of teaching Math at the high school level. I believe that everyone can succeed it is my job to figure out the best method for them to succeed. Why do I tutor? I tutor to help students one on one and get to know the student and then relate the material into some reference the student can relate too. I try to build a relationship with my students by getting to know them and their interest so I can then incorporate that into the lesson. This should make the subject more relatable and more interesting for the student and henceforth make it easier for the student to learn

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In my 24 years of experience, I have dealt with several different types of students and the troubles they have had in their respective subject. I have taught all grades from 7th grade to 12th grade with different type of students, inner city, suburban, rural, poor, rich, private, public and even charter schools. In terms of students I have dealt with them all and not too much surprises me students.

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