Stride Tutoring

Alexander G.

6 Years

Middle School, High School

I am an experienced teacher in both physical and virtual Classrooms. At the core of my teaching philosophy is that teachers must understand their students as individuals. By building this foundation teachers can help guide students as they navigate their own personal educational journey. I have had tremendous success in all environments and with countless students in being able to build strong & trusting relationships. Through this, my students felt safe to take chances, think critically, & explore their own ideas/ opinions. My ultimate goal as an educator is to encourage my students to discover how they learn best and then be able to apply that knowledge & understanding to all areas of their life, making them stronger students/learners, regardless of the content they are studying.

Teacher Specialization

2022-2023 is my sixth year teaching. I am a certified teacher in California, Colorado, & New York. I have taught in many different school settings that include High Schools & Middle schools in rural Western New York, & Pennsylvania, urban settings in upstate New York, and Denver Colorado, and virtual students from many other states. I have degrees in Education & History/Social Studies, including an M.Ed (Master) in Education, & Bachelor's degrees in History & African American/ Africana Studies.

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