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Dana B.

6 Years

High School, Middle School

HI! I decided to become a Biology teacher as a teenager because I loved the natural beauty of Alabama. Currently, I am a certified Biology teacher in the state of Alabama. Encouraging, supportive, and student-focused, I believe in meeting students where they are and then building from there. My science lessons utilize model revision strategies and students are given time to "mess around" with whatever is given to them, where they learn from observation and experience. Failure is not a bad word in my classroom and I believe it is integral to the learning process. Reinforcing literacy skills as well as creating connections between science with ELA and mathematics is a passion of mine, which I hope my students use to put science into a real-world perspective. I am technologically astute and knowledgeable in the use of educational technology and skilled in the use of research databases. My students tell me I am anything but dull...who said science could not be fun?

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Teacher Specialization

6 years of certified teaching experience in both public and virtual education settings teaching life sciences (Life Science, Biology, Honor's Biology, Environmental Science, Human Anatomy, and AP Biology) to grades 7-12. ASIM Certified. Degrees: Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education: Biology and Psychology. Master of Library Science, with a specialization in research information. Both degrees from The University of Alabama.

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