Stride Tutoring

Tangela S.

6 Years

Middle School, Elementary School, High School

Over the past decade I believe that my skills as an instructor are constantly evolving. I have taught online as well as brick and mortar schools since 2007 and I have grown so much with my experience. Students are not the only ones learning in the course. The students make you aware and teach you so much about yourself and they have taught me how to be a better instructor. With such a diverse background as I have in the field of working and teaching in criminal justice it makes me cautious on developing a philosophy statement. I teach what I know and as I learn new information often my style of teaching changes with that information. Alice Omaggio Hadley wrote in 1993 that this continuing struggle to understand, clarify, and articulate one’s beliefs and practices is at the very heart of being a teacher and a researcher. I love the idea of me growing, learning and becoming a better teacher with every lesson I develop in the same manner that my students grow with each lesson I present.

Teacher Specialization

I have worked in special education for the past 5 years teaching 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students in a self contained class at the middle school in my town. I teach science, math, reading, social studies, language arts and life skills. I have my Masters degree in Special education, Specialists degree in Educational leadership, and Doctor in special education. My background taught me to work with students with various disabilities and use tools to get them a successful educational outcome.

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