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Andrea J.

11 Years

Middle School, High School, Elementary School

Hola, and welcome! I look forward to helping you along your journey into the beautiful and diverse world of Spanish. I truly enjoy the Spanish language, and even more so, the various foods and vibrant culture that go along with it. I love traveling, and one of my most favorite adventures was studying abroad in Mérida, México for a few weeks after graduating college. I hope to go back one day and climb some more pyramids. I currently live in Louisiana, but I have lived in several other states like Georgia and Hawaii as well. Learning another language can be difficult, and that's why I believe in making it fun with culture and games. I also like helping students fine tune their writing and reading comprehension skills in English. Novels are my favorite things to read, as they are wonderful avenues for expanding your imagination and creativity. Since I was an English and Spanish tutor in college, I am very efficient at breaking down tough material to make it easier to learn and remember.

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I have taught Spanish for over 11 years (9 in brick-and-mortar & now 2 online), from Spanish 1 to Spanish 3. I also have experience teaching high school English. I was an English tutor for 2 1/2 years, and a Spanish tutor for 2 years in college. I received my Bachelor's degree in English (Spanish minor) from the University of Louisiana at Monroe. My Master of Arts in Teaching degree (Secondary Ed. 6-12) is from McNeese State University. I also completed my Spanish certification (K-12).

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