Stride Tutoring

Doneisha O.

12 Years

Middle School, High School, Elementary School

Hello! My name is Doneisha Odum, and I am an educator in Memphis, Tennessee. I love teaching ELA and literature. I enjoy reading, traveling, and cooking. I believe that all students are capable of learning. It is up to the teacher to help them determine their learning style and teach in a way that is effective for them. My goals include ensuring that the student demonstrates mastery of the content and instilling a sense of confidence in learning. Positive relationships are an essential element of learning. I always aim to begin sessions with check-ins with students to see how they are, offer support, and celebrate any good news.

Teacher Specialization

I have 12 years of teaching experience. I have taught at the elementary, middle, and high school levels in Memphis, Tennessee, and Charlotte, North Carolina.

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