Stride Tutoring

John S.

10 Years

High School, Middle School

Hello there! I'm John Schreiner, I live in South Carolina with my wife and our two super cute kids, age 1 and 3. When I'm not tutoring or playing with my little kids, you'll find me enjoying a variety of sports including golf, basketball, baseball, ping pong, and pickle ball! An interesting fact about me is that I am a Navy veteran and I taught a math course for 6 years in one of the Navy's top training commands! My journey in tutoring is driven by a passion for education and a belief that each student is unique. I tailor my teaching to your individual needs, focusing on academic growth, critical thinking, and creativity. My evaluation philosophy emphasizes meaningful feedback, helping you progress effectively. My core values? A commitment to academic excellence and holistic development. I'm all about building positive, meaningful relationships and creating a safe, inclusive learning environment. Let's work together to achieve your academic and personal goals!

Teacher Specialization

I have 10 years of experience as a private math tutor, 6 years of experience as a math instructor for a math course at a military training command, 3 years of experience as a math teacher at a private school, and one semester of experience as a student teacher at a title I public school. I have gained a lot of valuable insights through a variety of unique teaching and tutoring opportunities!

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