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Jessica L.

20 Years

Elementary School, Middle School

Hi there, I'm Jessica Lukes and I love creating things like signs, furniture, t-shirts, and websites too! When I'm not making things, I'm probably watching soccer. I like to help kids find ways to bring their interests into their learning. I believe students learn best when they feel valued and they're comfortable, so I help my students feel at ease when we are working together. Personalized education is critical for student growth because it allows us to pinpoint exactly what students need, and we can address those needs directly. My goal in tutoring is to give students additional connections and support so we can tackle their challenges, boost their confidence, and achieve academic strength. I like to give students time to share and celebrate their successes. I believe in working hard, but we need to remember to laugh too!

Excellent Tutor

5 (28 ratings)

Teacher Specialization

I earned my Bachelor’s Degree in Education from the University of Vermont, and I have been in education for over 20 years. I have taught students in grades 2-8. Although I have taught all subject areas, I specialize in reading and writing. My background has led me to value personalized educational experiences. I believe this is where we see the most powerful impact on student growth.

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