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Kahra B.

14 Years

Elementary School, Middle School, High School

Hello! I'm Kahra. I have a love for literature and theater, and have performed in multiple stage plays (hobby) as well as been the music director for a youth theater's musical production. I love helping students find new understandings and reach their goals. Experiences in both the classroom and in theater have given me many skills I use while teaching. I believe everyone is capable of learning, it's just a matter of finding correct motivations. Tailoring lessons to the interests and needs of the student goes a long way towards engaging the student in the subject matter. To that end, I can be very adaptable to suit the moods and needs of my students. My goal is to make sessions fun, or at least interesting, while still teaching the necessary material at a rate and level that will be beneficial to the student. Whether it is in the classroom or the theater, I really enjoy working with students. Being a mentor and helping kids reach their potential is one of best experiences in the world.

Teacher Specialization

I was a classroom teacher for 13 years teaching many different grade levels and subjects, including being a reading interventionist and dyslexia teacher. During my time teaching I was nominated for campus Teacher of the Year as well as considered for a district Model Teacher. I have spent about a year tutoring students of various ages in multiple areas. I also work as a substitute teacher to help out where I can, and I volunteer at local community theaters to help with their youth shows.

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