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Elizabeth O.

5 Years

High School, Middle School

Hiya! While I am an educator, I am first and foremost a student of life. Having experienced both struggles and success in my own education, I understand the importance of a new perspective or a different approach to make things finally click! Carol Dweck posits that one's mindset is the most important when approaching any sort of new material. For example, thinking "I need more practice to improve my skill in this thing" makes learning something difficult more approachable than "I'm just bad at this thing." That being said, I mostly specialize in the various fields of English in the middle to high school range but I'm flexible in the overlap to other subjects. I'm also constantly learning so if you need help with something I'm not the most experienced in, I'd be glad to explore and learn alongside you to help you understand better.

Excellent Tutor

5 (12 ratings)

Teacher Specialization

I have taught High School English and AP Literature as well as English as a Foreign Language. I also have extensive experience tutoring for writing and assisting non-native english speakers to help them improve their English.

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