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Vicky L.

30 Years

Middle School, High School

Hello! My name is Vicky Lovejoy! I am a veteran teacher with more than 35 years of experience teaching math and science. I love to teach and when I am not teaching humans, I teach dogs! I train dogs to do fun things like agilitly but also to use their noses to find important things like a disease they can detect in plants or animals! I love science and math because it is really all about puzzle solving! I teach and tutor so I can help students understand how exciting learning can be! I understand that we all learn in different ways. My goal is not so much that you memorize content but that you get to appreciate how FUN learning can be! I want ot ignite a passion for inquiry which opens us up to learning no matter what the topic is! I am here to help you grow as a learner! In order for me to help you, we have to have a reason to work together! That means you have to believe that I am here to help you! I am completely committed to your educational journey.

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Teacher Specialization

I have been teaching since 1987! I have taught math and science in public and independent schools as well as overseas for the Department of Defense. I have worked with a range of students from diverse cultural and educational backgrounds. I teach because i love learning and strive to ignite that love of learning in my students!

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