Stride Tutoring

Jessica Z.

16 Years

Elementary School, Middle School, High School

Hello, my name is Jessica Zurita and I am a life-long learner who firmly believes in the power of education as a tool that helps to bridge and fortify relationships and great achievement. I love the arts, and am a true movie buff. Music and movies are two of my most favorite pastimes to enjoy with my family. I am also fully bi-lingual in Spanish and English, and love to travel and learn about varying cultures and places. My husband, four children and I also genuinely love animals and are looking to adopt a shelter pet in the very near future. My greatest passion as an educator is to see all students placed in my care thrive and achieve their highest potential. I believe in working hard and loving your work. I know that all learners are capable of achieving their personal best when I, as their teacher, give them mine. I look forward to learning about you as my student and having fun while helping you flourish.

Teacher Specialization

I have been a MS Ed. - certified teacher for the past 11 years, with over 16 total years of tutoring and teaching experience. I have tutored and taught on every level of academia, from K-12, to college. I am also grateful for having worked with and led multiple academic teams across all curricula, including; math, science, history and the humanities. I take the responsibility of serving students and their families as a top priority and value the trust placed in my knowledge and leadership.

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