Stride Tutoring

Lisa L.

20 Years

Elementary School

My name is Lisa and I am super excited to work with you! I loved sports and have played many sports up through the collegiate level. I have served as a volunteer Firefighter/EMT for a few decades. I am a big football and baseball fan! I also love game shows and have been to two auditions for Wheel of Fortune! Every student is unique in how they learn. Most students learn best when it is fun, engaging and relatable to them. Incorporating learning games allows students to connect learning objectives in a way that is engaging to them. Retention and practice of these games can be incorporated into other areas of learning for years to come. When students master skills in meaningful ways, they often will want to teach to others, including their families. Understanding where a student is at and then allowing them to become their best self is the best reward as a tutor. I love to be the biggest cheerleader to students because everyone is a learner!!

Teacher Specialization

I have taught and tutored elementary and middle school for twenty years, specifically kindergarten, fourth grade and fifth grades. I hold two Masters Degrees in Education, one in Instructional Technology and the other in Educational Research and Strategies. Over the twenty plus years, I have worked with well over 1,000-2,000 students with a multitude of learning styles and abilities. I have implemented many different curriculum programs that provide me with a large base of strategies to use.

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