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Matthew W.

9 Years

Elementary School, Middle School, High School

My name is Matthew Webb and I am married with four children we live in Vancouver, Washington. My interests include video games, Pokémon, woodworking, and sports. My favorite sports include football, baseball, and basketball. I became educator to help students like my son with ADHD. My teaching approach is that students learn best when the tutor personalizes the lesson to the students interests. I believe that all students can learn in my safe learning environment and you are perfect just the way you are. My goals are to establish a critical thinking skills in a safe place. As a member of Honor society through my college career and graduating with honors, I can give you the tools to achieve academic excellence. I believe we are all different and embrace the opportunity to learn from you as I guide you in your education. I like to make learning captivating by using student's interests. I emphasize strengths in my students skills to make learning a positive experience.

Excellent Tutor

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Teacher Specialization

I have taught 2nd and 3rd grade level. I have taught all levels of middle school core subjects. I hold a Associates degree in business. I have a Bachelors degree in teaching all subjects K-8th. I have been tutoring since 2019 all my students have improved both academically and with positive learning habits. I was a member of PHI THETA KAPPA Honor Society in college and graduated with honors. I was a online student myself and know many successful techniques of learning online.

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