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Joyce W.

30 Years

Elementary School

Hi. My name is Joyce White. My educational philosophy is simple and to the point. All students can and will learn if given ample opportunities by a caring teacher. I believe that students must be given opportunities that utilize differentiated learning strategies and learning styles such as kinesthetic, auditory, and visual. My goals for tutoring are simple. Goal 1: Meet the student where he or she may be and devise a plan to help them excel academically. Goal 2: Reinforce that learning can be fun when harder concepts and skills are broken into easier steps. I will establish a rapport with my students so they see me as a caring, patient, knowledgeable individual who will take frustration out of the learning equation and ease their fear of trying. I am here to scaffold their learning. Two interesting facts about me is that I play the piano. Singing is often incorporated in my teaching. I chose to become a tutor to make learning fun and easy by revisiting my own educational journey.

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Teacher Specialization

I have 30.5 years of teaching in brick/mortar schools, and about 3 years of virtual teaching/tutoring. I have taught 1st -6th grade students in Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies. I have an Elementary Education 1st-6th degree, a K-12 Reading Specialist Certification, and a K-12 Librarian/Media Specialist Certification. I attended the University of Texas, the University of AR, Ouachita Baptist University, and Southern AR University. Experience is the best teacher, and I have it!

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