Stride Tutoring

Sharon G.

29 Years

Elementary School

I LOVE HELPING KIDS BUILD THEIR CONFIDENCE AND BELIEVE IN THEMSELVES!! My first year teaching mentor said learning should be FUN, so I've tried to do that in my classroom ever since. I really love animals and being outside. My family has two adorable cats named Socks and Meow. We also have a farm with 11 cows. They are all very cute and like to eat apples!! I also love walking and jogging too! Can't wait to work with you!! I'll be your biggest cheerleader!

Teacher Specialization

I was honored to receive the Extra Mile Award as an elementary school teacher and the Exemplary Faculty Award as a college professor. I have teaching licenses in elementary education, reading, and social studies. I have a Master's in Education with an emphasis on elementary education from the U of Illinois at Chicago and a Doctorate in Ed Leadership from the U. of Louisville. I also completed my principal's license at Western KY Univ.

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