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Beth H.

25 Years

Elementary School, Middle School

My name is Beth and I am thrilled to be tutoring! I believe students learn best when they are heard and respected. Working one-on-one and in small groups often achieves this goal. I allow students to think aloud, make mistakes, and learn from them as they become even better problem solvers. I aim to encourage critical thinking and creativity throughout the learning process. I am a big advocate of praise and constructive feedback both ways. Because of this, I have maintained relationships with former students and their families for over 23 years. I take pride in this and the level of respect and trust I've gained over the lifetime of my career. I retired from the classroom in May 2022 and am excited to be helping students on this platform. I am married, have 3 kids, and many pets. You might meet one of my 3 cats, or 2 dogs during a session! (*Disclaimer: I cut and dyed my hair after making the video! It's the same person!)

Excellent Tutor

5 (204 ratings)

Teacher Specialization

I have taught in the classroom for 23 years. I've taught 2-6th grade and have tutored many children grades 1-8. I am certified in Texas for grades 1-8 and have my ESL supplemental license as well. I am trained in teaching dyslexic students and also in the science of teaching reading. I have many years of experience in inclusion classrooms. I can modify and enhance lessons for all levels of learners.

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