Stride Tutoring

Madeleine C.

15 Years

Elementary School, Middle School

Hi there! My name is Madeleine Clymer and I am passionate about teaching and tutoring! My mission is supporting YOU in your goals and to make learning FUN! In a nutshell: I’m a positive and energetic F.S.U. graduate and teacher. I have 15 years of experience in various instructional settings and in schools of all types. I am HUGE cheerleader for all things literacy! Books, words, reading, writing...E.L.A. is quite EXCITING! I have always encouraged my students to adopt a growth mindset, thus developing self-confidence and a "burn to learn" that lasts a lifetime! Through various hands-on, engaging, and arts-integrated lessons, I aim to make tutoring fun and individualized for every student. Celebrating "Glows" and “Grows" at the beginning and end of tutoring sessions help to track learning, monitor progress, and support students as they overcome challenges along the tutoring journey. I hope you'll try a session with me and discover how FANTASTIC you are and how FUN learning can be!

Teacher Specialization

As an educator, my priority is to: -Implement innovative lesson plans to meet the needs of the diverse student population. -Track data to ensure that students are receiving the correct level of support for remediation and enrichment. -Successfully work with parents to ensure to help with student participation and to elevate student performance. -Adhere to any IEP requirements for students requiring additional support. -Integrate each student's unique interests and talents into their lessons.

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