Stride Tutoring

Cailin C.

18 Years

High School, Middle School

Teaching and learning is a collaborative art. Because everyone learns in slightly different ways, it is my job to present material through diverse and accessible practices that will appeal to a variety of learners. At the same time, it is also important that students recognize and take advantage of these academic opportunities. I hope that they will not only achieve their goals but are also able to expand their perspectives in relevant ways. Fostering a positive, safe, and genuine relationship with your students is essential to achieving success. I really do love teaching! While that may seem uninteresting to some, it's true. Whether it's tying a Spongebob episode to a Poe short story or just helping someone find their authentic voice, I enjoy sharing parts of the world (and, sometimes, themselves) with the people they are becoming.

Teacher Specialization

I have been an educator for 18 years. During the first 15, I taught English at MAU High School to grades 9-12 and at all learning levels. However, when the COVID pandemic hit and changed the educational landscape, I chose to leave my job and homeschool my niece until she could be properly vaccinated. As one of her main caregivers, providing her with a safe learning environment for sixth and seventh grade was a privilege. In 2021, I began tutoring/teaching online and haven't stopped!

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