Stride Tutoring

Jesica R.

18 Years

Elementary School, Middle School, High School

Hi I am Dr. Reese! I really believe in the growth mindset approach to teaching. Learning is a lifelong skill that is an everyday adventure. Building student confidence and resilence is the basis of my approach to teaching. My strengths in teaching are building positive relationships and explaining concepts in ways that students can understand. If one way of explaining does not work, I will switch it up and try a different approach. I try to engage students in different ways based on thier individual needs. I have experience teaching all levels of mathematics, elementary education, and students with various learning disabilities.

Teacher Specialization

Degrees in Mathematics Education and Childhood Education. I have taught since 2006 at various levels of education. I have taught Mathematics at the college, high school, middle school levels as well as elementary grades. I have been a home teacher for 2 years teaching science, math, ELA, and foreign languages. I also have taught at alternative schools for 3 years. My teaching experience is varied which enables me to be able to accomodate for all types of learners and thier individual needs.

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