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Kristen F.

10 Years

Middle School, High School

Nothing in this world gets done without communication! My goal as an ELA educator is to give my students the skills they need to analyze texts and to express themselves both practically and creatively. For each student, I make a tutoring plan that builds on their strengths and works to close any skills gaps if necessary. Effective, grammatically sound writing is accessible to everyone through practice! Although I make focused suggestions for editing, my assessment of writing is more about revision and the organization of ideas. I am passionate about literature and rhetoric, and I get student buy-in through my own excitement. For students to take the risks necessary to practice writing, they need to feel seen and supported. They also need to feel engaged in the material and capable of doing what is asked of them. I like to get to know students and figure out how writing and analysis fit with their own goals. In my free time, I volunteer and participate in book clubs!

Excellent Tutor

5 (4 ratings)

Teacher Specialization

I have been a tutor for 10 years and a teacher for 5 years. As a tutor, I have worked with everyone from beginning readers to university students. I am experienced in SAT and ACT prep and have also worked on the curriculum design side of tutoring. My teaching certifications are in English Language Arts, and I have taught grades 8-12. I have a BA in creative writing with a minor in philosophy from Agnes Scott College and an MA in literature from the University of North Texas.

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