Stride Tutoring

Victoria D.

25 Years

Elementary School

Hi, I'm Victoria! My favorite things are reading, gardening, animals, watching old movies, and teaching children. I believe learners must be respected as individuals and that the tutor must them where they are, highlight their current abilities, present them with lessons that help them make progress, and provide feedback that lets students know they are on the right track. As a tutor, I strive to present engaging content and to keep learning interesting and fun. What I aim to achieve through tutoring is to help impart a can-do attitude to my students. The joy of learning anything is to know where you started and to set your sights on where you want to go. My role is to guide students on the path toward academic excellence. The fun we'll have on the way will make the journey easier. Everyone remembers the teacher who made them feel likable, capable, and smart. Building that rapport through care, scaffolding, and gradual release toward independence is the learning's cornerstone.

Teacher Specialization

I retired after 25 years of primarily teaching 1st through 4th grades in New York City public schools. I hold a bachelor's degree in Psychology, a master's in elementary education, a master's in elementary science education, and a master's in School Building Leadership. I graduated from City University, Sarah Lawrence College, Mercy College, and Walden University. I think I have been preparing for teaching/tutoring for a great part of my life.

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