Stride Tutoring

Viviana H.

5 Years

Middle School, Elementary School

I believe all students can learn if they are motivated to learn. Of course not all students are motivated to learn 100% of the time, so that’s where I come in. My goal is to inspire a love of learning and reading in my students and to develop their critical thinking skills. I help them work through challenges so they can find their motivation and become lifelong learners. Good rapport is critical to student achievement. Therefore, I prioritize getting to know my students’ interests, personalities, and motivations so I can tailor my lessons to meet their unique needs. In my free time I enjoy hiking and exploring trails with my pet dog Polly. I also love listening to music, journaling, watching soccer matches, and of course, reading.

Teacher Specialization

I’m a certified Texas teacher with 5 years of teaching experience. I’ve taught reading, writing, and ESL at the middle school level.

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