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Rachel L.

7 Years

Middle School, High School, Elementary School

Hello, my name is Rachel! I am a teacher first and foremost because I want to make a positive impact. My teaching philosophy is closely tied to Constructivism. I believe students learn best when they're actively engaged in the construction of their own understanding. I like this approach because it encourages personalized learning since every student is unique and should learn in ways that work most efficiently for them. My teaching personality would include not only being a leader, but that of a mentor to learners. I am very empathetic and caring to each students' unique style and characteristics. Getting to know each student allows me to make learning more meaningful. Outside of my career, I enjoy all things travel as well as personal growth books! I look forward to working together soon. Happy Learning!

Excellent Tutor

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Teacher Specialization

I am an accomplished educator with over seven years of experience and a Master's Degree in Teaching English. My roles have included paraeducator in Special Education (K-6), after-school tutor, substitute teacher (grades 9-12), and high school English teacher. A notable highlight was teaching English in Spain through the NALCAP program in 2023, providing me with a diverse skill set and a nuanced understanding of educational dynamics.

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