Stride Tutoring

Paul H.

27 Years

Elementary School, Middle School

I believe students learn best when their questions can be answered in ways that they can relate to. I think students can learn math and science concepts best by starting with concrete ideas so that complex concepts can be broken down into understandable parts. I believe all students can learn if they are encouraged and supported. My goal is for my students to expand their understanding of math and science and become independent learners. I will do whatever it takes to customize my instruction so my students go beyond the obstacles they have to learning. I believe if a student is anxious or uncomfortable it won't be a productive tutoring experience. I will strive to build a rapport with my students by joking with them and reassuring them and encouraging them throughout my tutoring sessions. In my free time I like to play full court basketball, hike, ride my bike, ski and read. I chose to become a tutor because I get fulfillment from helping my students understand and gain confidence!

Teacher Specialization

I taught 27 years in the elementary and middle school classroom teaching math and science. I am also certified to teach high school business.

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