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Andrea P.

5 Years

Middle School, High School, Elementary School

Hello, my name is Andrea Peña, I was born and raised in the Dominican Republic. I am proficiently bilingual in English and Spanish. English is my second language, yet I have made it my mission to learn the ins and outs of it by becoming an educator and subject matter expert. As a middle and high school educator, and through a Masters of Science in Adolescent Literacy Education (Grades 5-12), I have obtained the tools to provide a tutoring experience that helps your child flourish as a reader, writer, and speaker. I create learning experiences to support students at acquiring reading and writing skills, by relying on a multimodal literacy approach. I can't wait to meet you and develop instruction for you!

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Teacher Specialization

I have worked with young people in a variety of settings from daycare and elementary, to middle and high school. I have an associate's in elementary school, bachelor's and certification in adolescent literature, and a master's in literacy. Throughout these various experiences I have learned that every student is unique in their qualities, but benefits from the same approach; an attentive ever-reflective conversational teaching model.

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