Stride Tutoring

Chamario C.

8 Years

Elementary School, Middle School

Along with being an educator, I am an artist, so it's important for me to be creative in my teaching. I like to incorporate physical activities with my lessons because it helps to be fully engaged. If you are lacking confidence, I believe that with perseverance and eagerness in learning, it can be built. I can help you learn how to advocate for yourself in the classroom, and will always encourage you to ask when you are unsure. The extra help you will receive here will be done in excellence, humor, style, and grace. Education is my number one passion and I am here to help elevate your child in their academic life. Some of my hobbies are volunteering, designing, writing, and pretty much anything creative.

Teacher Specialization

I have much experience in the digital, education, and artist world. I’ve been able to intertwine all three. As an educator, I have 8 years of experience in the classroom (1st-6th). Six out of eight years in my career has been teaching reading and writing. As demanding as being an educator is, it’s still important, for me, to find ways to be creative. I am also an ESL certified teacher and am currently finishing my master's in counseling.

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