Stride Tutoring

Michele M.

31 Years

Middle School, High School

I believe that you are here because you are ready to grow! We will work together to help you realize your amazing potential. My goal is to help you become more self-confident in your own skills and abilities plus give you tools to help you access and build on those skills and abilities. I want you to realize that instead of giving up, it is OK to ask for help. You are important and you have everything you need to be great--we just need to work together to unlock all your potential!

Teacher Specialization

I have Bachelor's degree in Business Education with certifications in Comp. Business Education (5th-12th), Computer Studies (7th-12th), and Comp. Social Studies (5th-9th). I have taught at the 5th-12th grade levels. I spent 2 years as a school-based after school tutor for all intro level HS courses and provided 2 years of residential-based after school in person support for online students. I was the classroom coordinator for online credit recovery for all HS courses for 2 years.

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