Stride Tutoring

Patrick E.

17 Years

Elementary School, Middle School, High School

I am a laid back, personable instructor who specializes in making the most out of your math potential using your current skillset, regardless of level. Lessons are adapted to fit your pacing. I love video games, and integrating math to demonstrate how it can program them. I also love integrating math into engineering and astronomy based practices. Most of all, I love seeing my students gain a world of confidence in the most comfortable way possible.

Teacher Specialization

Educator Total Years of Experience: 17 years With 17 years of teaching experience, I've taught middle school math for 13 years, college math for 13 years, high school math for 3 years, and multiple subjects in elementary school for 2 years. I've also spent 4 years teaching online, adapting to virtual learning environments. My Master's Degree in Mathematics For Education has helped me refine formative assessment to maximize each ability level.

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